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Eurozone unemployment leaves 19.4mn jobless, 7 year high

June 17,2013

Just days after French President Francis Hollande announced the euro crisis was over, employment across […]

World Bank cuts global growth forecast to ‘new normal’

June 17,2013

The World Bank reports the global economy will expand less than the expected 2.2 percent […]

Russia ranked world leader in shale oil reserves

June 17,2013

Russian shale oil reserves are estimated at 75 billion barrels, which puts the country on […]

‘American dictate’: Swiss Parliament split on banking secrecy law

June 17,2013

The Swiss parliament has only a week left to vote on a bill which would […]

Trust Services: Flexible Legal Structures for Estate and Asset Protection

October 05,2012

A valuable tool for international business structures and financial planning, the Cyprus trust has already become an instrument of choice…

Cyprus Tourism: Diversification Creates New Investment Opportunities

October 05,2012

After steady but slow growth in recent years, 2011, saw a phenomenal 10 per cent increase in the number of visitors to the island…

Spain: Fear the worst

October 05,2012

Inadequate stress tests of Spanish banks are just the first of the troubled country’s myriad problems…

China luxury battles shifting tastes

October 05,2012

After a blockbuster 2011, major upscale brands Burberry and Louis Vuitton recently shook up this rarefied world by reporting a slowdown…

Facebook reaches one billion users

October 05,2012

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday that his social media site had hit the milestone…

Spain Overestimating Bank Profit Risks Seeking Too Little

July 04,2012

Spain, which for years underestimated losses at its banks, is poised to overestimate how much […]

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