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China Waits for U.S. to Make Move After Trump Says He’s in No Rush

May 30,2019

China said the next move in trade talks must come from the U.S., days after […]

ECB Seen Offering Generous Loans to Banks to Boost Feeble Growth

May 30,2019

The European Central Bank will offer euro-area banks generous terms on its upcoming long-term loans […]

Naked economic terrorism: China rails against trade war provocateurs & bullies

May 30,2019

Beijing has accused Washington of engaging in “naked economic terrorism” against its trade partners at […]

No need for the Fed to enter ‘panic mode’ and cut rates now, says Moody’s

April 02,2019

Economic data in the U.S. don’t justify an interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve […]

Global recession is ‘highly likely’ if there’s no US-China trade deal within months, Moody’s warns

April 02,2019

The global economy is “highly likely” to fall into a recession if the U.S. and […]

Brexit deadlocked again: British parliament fails to find an alternative

April 02,2019

Britain was no nearer to resolving the chaos surrounding its departure from the European Union […]

Saudi Aramco revealed as world’s most profitable company

April 02,2019

The world’s top oil producer, Saudi Aramco, became world’s top company in terms of profits […]

Russian shipments of LNG to Europe & Asia leave United States well behind

April 02,2019

Russia shipped more LNG (liquefied natural gas) to European and Asian markets than the United […]

Increase in India’s energy consumption nearly double global demand growth

April 02,2019

Primary demand for energy in India, which increased four percent last year, significantly exceeded modest […]

Russia looks to build ‘LNG Island’ to supply booming Asian market

January 28,2019

Russia’s largest LNG (liquefied natural gas) producer is looking to boost supply to the fast […]

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