KME Chartered Accountants

We specialize in providing audits and preparing the financial statements of companies.

Whether you require a statutory audit or value a voluntary audit, we are of the opinion that the procedure should be about more than just compliance.  An audit is an independent assessment of the fairness of the financial statements of a company as presented by its management. It must be objective, independent, and conducted with integrity and professionalism, both to guard the business and to encourage it to succeed.

At KME, we view the audit as an opportunity to learn more about your company and the risks it faces. This enables us to plan and build an audit that is focused on the requirements of the business and thus at its completion we will be able to provide the company’s owners with useful information to assist in future developments.  It has been proven that a well-run audit together with a business risk assessment can identify opportunities for companies to increase their profitability.

Our services include:

  • Statutory Audit and preparation of Financial Statements in accordance with International Standards of Auditing(ISAs) and International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRSs) respectively.
  • Internal audit
  • Due diligence reports