KME Chartered Accountants

In order for a company to increase its profitability and maximize its shareholders’ wealth, management needs to be able to concentrate on the core – revenue earning activities.

In enabling our clients to save valuable time and achieve a better financial performance, our office can provide accounting and bookkeeping services which include the following:


  • Maintenance of proper books and records by using computerized accounting system which allows the preparation of financial statements and reports in every major currency.
  • Periodic management accounting reports which are tailored to the client’s needs can be prepared whenever needed.
  • Various reports for management purposes such as budgets, cash flow forecasts along with variance reports against actual results.
  • Assistance with the preparation of tax and VAT returns
  • Preparation of financial statements and consolidated financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs)

Corporate statutory compliance

  • Provision of registered office, nominee directors, nominee shareholders and company secretary
  • Advising and assisting in the selection and formation of the appropriate business entity or trust
  • Handling minutes of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings
  • Handling corporate changes
  • Handling statutory filing requirements
  • Maintaining statutory records
  • Carrying out company searches at the offices of Registrar of Companies
  • Handling the legalization of official documents
  • Preparation of power of attorney and commercial agreement


Registration of the company (as an employer) to the authorities

  • Assisting in obtaining work and residences permits
  • Advising on employment contracts and employment law issues
  • Advising on regulations and tax issues affecting expatriate employees
  • Collecting employees’ details
  • Liaising with the income tax authorities and the Department of Social Insurance
  • Effecting payments to employees and Government Authorities
  • Preparing tax returns and all other relevant forms and returns